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Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Visiting Zambia

There is never enough time to see the many facets of Zambia, one of Africa's diamonds. It is advisable to learn a little about the country and its people who are basically friendly and helpful. Still, because of its poverty level Zambia is not for the faint-hearted. Streetkids are more then common. Beggers one can't avoid, especially in the bigger cities. If you like to see the country and meet the "ordinary" people use buses and train. Transport with the country buses, similar like Greyhound, (eg.: Lusaka to Ndola) is acceptable if you don't mind to be squashed into a tight seat in a full bus with luggage and sometimes chicken in cages in the walkway. Busses leave usually twice early morning and then whenever full. There are no timetables. Travelling with the train can be interesting in the second class but is usually very slow, Kapiri Mposhi to Kasama takes 14 hours and it feels like the train has got square wheels. Tickets are cheap, Lusaka to Ndola with the bus costs about $10 each. Going by bus it is advisable to have a good look at the bus before boarding, they do brake down sometimes, windows are sometimes missing. It is still the best way to get around on a low budget. Taxis are good for short distances, but it is necessary to discuss the fare before you or your luggage is in the car, which not always looks like a Taxi. Beware of the too helpfull person, keep your hands on your posessions. Zambia is a poverty strikken country. To the Zambian every visitor is rich. No matter what the situation is, most of the people are friendly and have always a smile. Another visit to Zambia is always on my mind and will happen ASAP. Give it a go and visit Zambia and you will understand.


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